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Трек-лист бокс-сета ROB HALFORD

Девятнадцатого мая получи и распишись Legacy Recordings состоится выход четырнадцатидискового бокс-сета с сольными работами Rob'a Halford'a, "The Complete Albums Collection", в поезд которого войдут: Fight: K5: The War Of Words Demos (recorded 1992, released 2007) War Of Words (1993) Mutations (1994) A Small Deadly Space (1995) 2wo: Voyeurs (1998) Halford: Resurrection (2000) Live Insurrection (2 CDs, 2001) Crucible (2002) Live In Anaheim (2 CDs; recorded 2003, released 2010) Halford III: Winter Songs (2009) Halford IV: Made Of Metal (2010) Live At Saitama Super Arena (2011) Tracklisting: Disc 1 “Into The Pit” - Fight “Nailed To The Gun” - Fight “Now You Die” - Fight “Life In Black” - Fight “Kill It” - Fight “Contortion” - Fight “Forbidden” - Fight “War Of Words” - Fight “Psycho Suicide” - Fight “Down ”- Fight “Vicious” - Fight “Beast Denies” - Fight “Laid To Rest ”- Fight “Jesus Saves” - Fight “Dead Men Talk” - Fight “For All Eternity” - Fight Disc 2 “Into The Pit” - Fight “Nailed To The Gun” - Fight “Life In Black” - Fight “Immortal Sin” - Fight “War Of Words” - Fight “Laid To Rest” - Fight “For All Eternity” - Fight “Little Crazy” - Fight “Contortion” - Fight “Kill It” - Fight “Vicious” - Fight “Reality, A New Beginning” - Fight Disc 3 “Into The Pit” - Fight “Nailed To The Gun” - Fight “Freewheel Burning” - Fight “Little Crazy” - Fight “War Of Words” - Fight “Kill It” - Fight “Vicious” - Fight “Immortal Sin” - Fight “Little Crazy” - Fight Disc 4 “I Am Alive” - Fight “Mouthpiece” - Fight “Legacy Of Hate” - Fight “Blowout In The Radio Room” - Fight “Never Again” - Fight “Small Deadly Space” - Fight “Gretna Greene” - Fight “Beneath The Violence” - Fight “Human Crate” - Fight “In A World Of My Own Making” - Fight Disc 5 “I Am A Pig” - 2wo “Stutter Kiss” - 2wo “Water's Leaking” - 2wo “My Ceiling's Low” - 2wo “Leave Me Alone” - 2wo “If” - 2wo “Deep In The Ground” - 2wo “Hey, Sha La La” - 2wo “Wake Up” - 2wo “Gimp” - 2wo “Bed Of Rust” - 2wo Disc 6 “Resurrection” - Rob Halford “Made In Hell” - Rob Halford “Locked And Loaded” - Rob Halford “Night Fall” - Rob Halford “Silent Screams”- Rob Halford “The One You Love To Hate” - Rob Halford “Cyber World” - Rob Halford “Slow Down” - Rob Halford “Twist” - Rob Halford “Temptation” - Rob Halford “Drive” - Rob Halford “Savior” - Rob Halford Disc 7 “Resurrection” “Made In Hell” “Into The Pit” “Nailed To The Gun” “Light Comes Out Of Black” “Stained Class” “Jawbreaker” “Running Wild” “Slow Down” “The One You Love To Hate” - Halford feat. Bruce Dickinson “Life In Black” “Hell's Last Survivor” “Sad Wings” “Saviour” “Silent Screams” Disc 8 “Cyberworld” “The Hellion” “Electric Eye” “Riding On The Wind” “Genocide” (1st Encore) “Beyond The Realms Of Death” “Metal Gods” (2nd Encore) “Breaking The Law” “Blackout” “Tyrant” - Halford feat. Rudolf Schenker “Screaming In The Dark” “Heart Of A Lion” “Prisoner Of Your Eyes” Disc 9 “Betrayal” “One Will” “Hearts Of Darkness” “Golgotha” “Handing Out Bullets” “Crystal” “Fugitive” “Wrath Of God” “In The Morning” “Rock The World Forever” “Crucible” “Heretic” “She” “Weaving Sorrow” “Sun” “Trail Of Tears” Disc 10 “Painkiller” “Rapid Fire” “Heretic” “Resurrection” “Made In Hell” “Golgotha” “Into The Pit” “Light Comes Out Of Black” “White Heat Red Hot” “Never Satisfied” “Breaking The Law” “Hearts Of Darkness” “Handing Out Bullets” Disc 11 “Diamonds And Rust” “Hellion” “Electric Eye” “Riding On The Wind” “Victim Of Changes” “You've Got Another Thing Comin'” “Heretic” “Sun” “Golgotha” “One Will” Disc 12 “Get Into The Spirit” “We Three Kings” “Oh Come, O Come, Emanuel” “Winter Song” “What Child Is This?” “Christmas For Everyone” “I Don't Care” “Light Of The World” “Oh Holy Night” “Come All Ye Faithful” Disc 13 “Undisputed” “Fire And Ice” “Made Of Metal” “Speed Of Sound” “Like There's No Tomorrow” “Till The Day I Die” “We Own The Night” “Heartless” “Hell Razor” “Thunder And Lightning” “Twenty-Five Years” “Matador” “I Know We Stand A Chance” “The Mower” Disc 14 “Resurrection” “Made in Hell” “Locked And Loaded” “Drop Out” “Made Of Metal” “Undisputed” “Nailed To The Gun” “Golgotha” “Fire And Ice” “Green Manalishi With The Two-Pronged Crown” “Diamonds And Rust” “Jawbreaker” “Cyberworld” “Like There's No Tomorrow” “Thunder And Lightning” #Halford

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