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Профессиональное видео полного выступления PAPA ROACH

Профессиональное видео полного выступления PAPA ROACH, которое состоялось в рамках фестиваля Summer Breeze в Dinkelsbuhl, Germany, внятно для просмотра ниже: Crooked Teeth ...To Be Loved Getting Away With Murder Between Angels and Insects Face Everything and Rise Gravity Periscope Broken Home (With snippet of Lose Yourself by Eminem at the Beginning) My Medication Help Traumatic Song 2 (Blur cover) Forever (With snippet of In the End by Linkin Park Tribute to Chester Bennington) Falling Apart Born for Greatness Encore: Scars None of the Above Last Resort (With snippet of Infest in the Middle) #Papa_Roach #PapaRoach #AlternativeRock #Alternative_Rock #AlternativeMetal #Alternative_Metal #NuMetal #Nu_Metal

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